Cap Material

10 Feb, 2020
Cap Material

One of the first things to consider when you’re looking for a cap is what material it is made from. A nice, light cotton may be great for sunny summer wear, but not usually the first choice for winter. Synthetic fabrics may be less expensive than natural sources, but won’t have the same range of use. Here, we’ll cover the four most basic construction materials for the hats on our shelves.

Cotton: Easily one of the most popular crops across the world, cotton has been a textile staple for centuries. Lightweight, durable, and prolific, cotton is one of the most customizable, multipurpose fabrics on the market.

Wool: Durable and slightly elastic, wool is comparable to cotton in terms feel, but is usually denser and holds heat more effectively.

Acrylic: Like other synthetic fabrics, it has a slightly coarser feel, and does not withstand high heat as easily as natural fibers. However, these same properties also make synthetic fabrics like acrylic much more resistant to stains and repelling liquid (“wicking”). Acrylic is also dense, making it the best synthetic for retaining heat.