Five Styles Of Baseball Caps

13 Apr, 2020
Five Styles Of Baseball Caps

As baseball caps became popular, many styles and designs of the product were introduced, started trending, and are now considered outdated fashion.

People are no more wearing baseball caps merely to protect their eyes against the sun or to tame their hair. Baseball caps are more in demand for the fashion statement that they create, rather than its functionality.

There are five different styles of baseball caps available in the market. While the difference in design is pretty minute, the style significantly impacts the look of the cap wearer.

1. Snapback Cap
From hippie to casual, a snapback cap is the ultimate style addition to any type of outfit. A snapback is a 6-panel cap, and it has a large front brim. It is called a snapback cap, as the back of the cap has two plastic pieces that can be snapped together to adjust the size. Due to its adjustable size, one cap can be worn by multiple people.

This type of baseball cap is popular amongst team players and is also the preferred style for promotional gifts. It is sold by brands like Nike.

2. Fitted Cap
As the name suggests, fitted caps are pre-fitted and do not have an opening at the back to adjust the size. These caps are usually made with stretchable fabric so that it easily fits around the head of the person wearing it. They are manufactured in many sizes, ranging from XS to XXL.
Popular brands that sell fitted caps are New Era and 59FIFTY.

3. Five-Panel Cap
With the right outfit, the 5-panel cap looks cool and fun. It is the only cap style that looks chic with print all over the surface and large logos.

This is the cap of choice for people that want something funky and extra.

4. Trucker Hat
The back of the trucker hat is made with mesh fabric, which is why it is also called a mesh cap. The netback makes the cap more breathable and people are able to avoid getting sweaty and irritated. However, the look of the trucker hat makes it inflexible. These caps cannot be worn on every outfit and are liked by only a specific group of people.
In the 1990s, these caps were often given to trucker drivers and farmers as promotional gifts.

5. Dad Hat
The dad hat is a 5-panel baseball cap with a curved brim. It is a little bigger in size and usually hangs lightly on the head. Mostly produced with cotton or canvas, it offers a comfortable touch and fit. This softness of style has made this cap popular amongst people who casually wear caps. Dad hats are often just referred to as baseball caps.

If you’re buying caps for a larger group of people, then we would recommend a snapback cap or a baseball cap. These are adjustable caps, hence one size fits all. Moreover, they can be easily teamed up with different types of attires.

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