How To Wear A Snapback Cap

24 Apr, 2020
How To Wear A Snapback Cap

A snapback cap is a 6-panel baseball cap. The brim of a snapback cap is flat and wide, unlike that of dad hats. These caps come in one-size-fits-all and are called snapback because they come with plastic straps in the back, that can be snapped together to adjust the size of the cap.

While they are a different type of baseball cap, snapback caps are especially popular amongst companies as they make for the perfect promotional gifts. Snapbacks have a large and hard panel that can be used to print larger designs and company logos. They are adjustable and can be ordered in the same size for everyone. These caps are in fashion and can be worn in multiple ways, depending upon the mood and personality of the cap wearer. Because of the large front brim, these caps are hard to miss and can add an edge to any attire.

In the 90s snapbacks were quite popular amongst the public. They were often worn by hip-hop singers and dancers and had become trendy. They were worn with baggy jeans and casual t-shirts and were considered to add swagger to the outfit. Today, the snapback has taken over the hearts of people, yet again. From casuals to urban wear now they are worn to complement different types of get-ups.

How To Wear A Snapback:

1. Casual
When wearing casual attire like jeans, T-shirts, shorts, etc. you must buy a  cap in the darker shades. The cap must not have a big logo or design n the front, as it will attract a lot of attention. Wear the snapback facing forward and lightly place it on your head.

2. Hip-hop
If you’re trying to recreate the 90s look with the cap, then you can wear it with the brim facing backwards as well. On baggy or rugged jeans and graphic t-shirts, a snapback can look good with the brim in front or back. Go for a black coloured snapback with detailed embroider or design. Pairing the snapback with some chains or rings will enhance the look.

3. Fashionable
Urban styles and streetwear, look extremely classy with snapbacks. For a stylish outfit, either go for a dark or a light-coloured snapback, do not go for the in-between shades.
However, when teaming it up with some trendy clothes, you must ensure that the cap does not have a big gaudy-looking logo at the front. It must also go with the type of outing that you’re going on.

Styling Mistakes To Avoid

  • When wearing the snapback backward, you must ensure that it goes well with what you’re wearing. You can also wear the cap slanting a bit downwards on the back, to prevent it from looking crass.
  • Snapbacks have a very relaxed and casual vibe, do not wear a snapback with a business suit or another formal outfit.
  • Women often find it comfortable to pull their hair up in a ponytail. If you’ve made a ponytail and are wearing a snapback, do not push it out of the gap for straps. It looks uncool and you may avoid that.

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