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Dear Customer, unfortunately, we do not take new orders at the time. Thank you for your understanding.


How much does a sample cost ?

We charge a sample fee of 70 CHF / 70 € which will be fully credited from order values of 2’000.- *Due to COVID-19 restrictions, shipping fees have a higher rate.

What is the production lead time ?

Depending on the volume and the demands it generally takes between 3 - 5 weeks after sample approval.

What is your MOQ?

100 pcs per style. Get a better quote starting at 300 pcs !

What is your payment terms ?

We ask for a 70% deposit when P/O placed and samples approved, and 30% against shipping documents copy e-mailed to you.

Where is the production ?

The production is located in Binh Duong Province in Vietnam.

Why are your promotional products more expensive than your concurrence ?

One reason: full customisation. We are not selling you a simple cap that you can find in a promotional agency with your logo on it. It's 100% custom-made for you with premium quality.