The Baseball Cap Industry In Europe

16 Apr, 2020
The Baseball Cap Industry In Europe

Baseball caps were introduced to the world in 1860. Today, they are more than just sportswear, they are a fashion trend. Worn by men, women, and children to protect their eyes from the sun and style their outfits. Moreover, there are multiple ways of wearing a baseball cap, making it a versatile clothing accessory.

With the increasing popularity of baseball caps amongst both sports enthusiasts and fashion designers, the sales of baseball caps are also increasing worldwide. Today, the baseball cap industry amount to $2.2 billion in Europe.
There are some brands and suppliers that are leading in the sales of baseball caps in the European Union. They partner with multiple manufacturers across the globe to ensure that the production is completed skillfully.

Leading Baseball Cap Brand: New Era
The company makes approximately 40 million licensed and unlicensed caps a year. They not only supply to regular people through their department and retail stores all across the globe but also cater to the fashion industry. Their baseball caps are famous amongst many celebrities and fashion designers.
They are the leaders in the snapback cp market and are consistently coming up with new designs and collections. They have partnerships with companies like Quicksilver and Crooks & Castles.

Leading Baseball Cap Supplier: Selfridges
Selfridge & co. is a high-end departmental store in the United Kingdom. The company was found in 1908 by Harry Golden Selfridge. The company sells many different types of products including clothes, accessories, electronics, and footwear. The company has observed a hike in the demand for baseball caps and has increased their stock purchases. According to Cassidy of Selfridges, the New Era caps have a strong and loyal fan following.
The Selfridge store in London is the largest departmental store in the UK. From Gucci, New Era, to Heron Preston they sell baseball caps from many reputed brands.

Appearances of Baseball Caps In The Fashion Industry
Baseball caps have become a part of the athleisure movement.

  • Stefano Pilati presented his collection Ermenegildo Zegna in Milan where models were seen flaunting five-panel baseball caps on the runway. The edgy look created by Stefano’s high-waisted trousers and single-breasted blazers was enhanced with the simple addition of a baseball cap to the attire.
  • Celebrities like Cara Jocelyn Delevingne, Harry Styles, Princess Diana, Rita Ora, and Eugene Tong have often been spotted styled with a baseball cap.

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