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Located in Switzerland, Alpacap work with premium manufacturers of headwear in Vietnam in the production of Baseball Cap or Snapback Cap.

We provide a full customization service; the whole hat and caps can be customized such as colors, size, brand logo, and strap.
As well as Design, Sampling, Production, Quality Control, Shipping and Importation for Swiss customers.
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We don’t have any stock, everything is done on demands to match your needs.

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Our MOQ is 100 units and we have short production lead time.

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The Cap Market

In 2019, the production of headwear, cap & hat has reached more than 350 million units around the world; a market valued at over 15 billion USD! In the US itself, the total revenue was estimated at 4 billion USD and 2.2 billion in Europe.

According to a recent market report, ‘Hats, Caps and Millinery: A Global Strategic Business Report,’ baseball caps are growing in popularity among both athletes and non-athletes led by the rising trend towards adorning caps as part of casual attire and for protection from the sun.

Today, the baseball cap is worn to show love for a team, as a fashion statement or as marketing support. Fashion brands have all made high-end versions of the cap that push it into the domain of luxury fashion. While expensive iterations may signal status, the affordability of the common baseball cap, as well as its longevity as a fashion statement, has helped it to remain firmly part of the modern style lexicon.